Business Card Sites

Secure, Fast, Reliable, Affordable

At Main Street Faces we offer secure, right-sized hosting packages based on the resources your website actually uses, rather than pre-defined limits with impressive-sounding names and big numbers. Why pay for "Business Class Gold Plus!" with multiple databases, 100GB of storage or 1TB of bandwidth if what you need is just a basic website to let your customers know about your new merchandise, when you're open, or news about your next event?

We utilize servers in state-of-the-art data centers, and we are our own system administrators. That means we aren't left waiting on a callback from someone in tech support somewhere just so we can pass along a message to you that "they're still looking into it." We manage your website, your code, your databases, your backups, and the servers.

We can meet your hosting needs, whether you need hosting for a business card site, a basic website, a blog, one of our custom web applications, or if you run your entire business from the web. Need high-availability hosting? We can provide node balancers, redundancy, failover and multi-datacenter hosting options. Hosting options start at $5/month for business card sites, $10/month for small sites, and $15/month for larger sites.